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Shure SM7B Professional Vocal Dynamic Microphone

GHS 150.00

SM7B Professional Vocal Dynamic Microphone Wide-Range Frequency For Studio Recording Broadcasting Podcasting Streaming

Flat, wide-range frequency response. Bass cut and midrange emphasis controls. Optimized shielding against broadband interference Internal “air suspension” shock isolation. Built-in anti-pop filter for protection against explosives. Robust construction and excellent cartridge protection
The Shure SM7B microphone’s flat 50Hz-20kHz frequency response with switchable response is designed especially for spoken word, but recording engineers have found that it is also an exceptional microphone for adding body to thin vocals and for handling vocal singers. loud rock/metal
It also has the ability to tame harsh or sibilant sounds from the hi-hat, cymbals and vocals.
The SM7B is highly protected against electrical interference, and includes bass, routing, and midrange (presence boost) controls with graphic display, and internal “air suspension” shock isolation


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